Do I need a Passive or Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker?

GB-³µÔØImprovements in technology and reduced manufacturing costs have seen many new vehicle tracking systems coming on to the market in the last year or so.

As a consumer this is excellent as it gives you a greater choice, but with that bigger choice can come more confusion often making it harder to make that final decision on what to buy.

The best way to research a market like this is to look at what is already popular and selling well, because many will have already done the research on these items and made the decision on what is the best GPS vehicle tracking device or system.

These makes it easier for you, but in the GPS vehicle tracking marketplace there is something you need to know which is fundamental to the choice that you will eventually make.

Currently there are 2 types of vehicle tracking devices to look out for. These are Real-time and Passive. They have many differences.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

A Real Time vehicle tracking system allows you to locate a vehicle live by logging on to a website or other specialist software on your PC at any time of the day or night.

Once you are connected to the Internet you will be able to view realtime information on the current location, speed and direction of travel of one or more vehicles. This information will be displayed on maps to show you exact locations to within about 15 meters. Additional analysis functions may also be available but will depend on the software provided.

Vehicle tracking devices which use real time technology will require a monthly subscription to use the service and this price will vary from company to company so shop around. Normally a subscription will be purchased along when you by the GPS tracking device.

Real time GPS vehicle tracking is normally used by companies and fleet managers, but there are now some innovative solutions available to consumers and these are proving to be very popular.

Passive GPS Vehicle Tracker Devices

A Passive GPS tracking system is nowhere as sophisticated as a real time system and because of this it is less expensive.

Passive tracking devices are self-contained compact portable units that are placed somewhere inside a vehicle and which will record locations, movement and speed of the vehicle it is in.

They are restricted on how long they can record data. This is not due to battery power but to the memory storage capacity of the unit.

To access and view the information they record you have remove the unit from the vehicle, connect it to your PC or laptop computer, usually through a USB port, and then download the data to you computer.

Using software on your computer or via an internet web site interface you will be able to view on a detailed street map where the vehicle has been in intervals of probably about 15 minutes. Information on the speed the vehicle has been traveling will also be available.

Passive vehicle tracking systems are easy to setup and use and a are perfect for parents who want to monitor the driving habits of there children. For an example of a professional GPS mini-tracker have a look at the unit sold by Track Key.

So many types of vehicles can be monitored and tracked with a GPS vehicle tracking system, including a Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, ATV, Big Rig, Camper, Van, Minivan, RV, Boat, Trailer etc. In fact the list is probably endless!


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