Choosing The Best Handheld GPS

choosing-the-best-handheld-gpsWelcome to my Best Handheld GPS and Handheld GPS Reviews blog! I am William and I like outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and jungle trekking. On such trips, I like to include my family and bring a GPS. I won’t say which model exactly because I take different models during each trip. I’ve used some of the best handheld GPS units and recommended them here in my blog.

  • In this blog you can also find some of the best handheld GPS system tips and guides like
  • How to Buy the Best Handheld GPS
  • 5 GPS Tips You Should Know By Now; and
  • How to Use Your Handheld GPS for Geocaching and Outdoor Adventure

Have I got you interested yet? Of course, I also have reviews on the top rated handheld GPS units used for different occasions. Do read on!


Portable and user-friendly are just some of the words oft-used to describe the handheld GPS but as is the case with everything else, not all of them are created equal. Depending on each individual’s need, there is a number of handheld GPS devices that will satisfy and fulfill.

While hikers, campers and the outdoorsy types still top the list of the people who need a handheld GPS the most, sales of the device are starting to gain momentum due to rapid commercial growth. Come across a restaurant that you want to try out? Noting it for future reference as a waypoint (point of interest on GPS units for car) is just a few taps away on the device.

Set a budget

Firstly, as handheld GPS devices can range from the price of less than a hundred to several hundred dollars, it is only sensible to determine what your budget is first. By doing this, it will become easier to choose one based on the list of capabilities that shelling out the price can get you. Well, if you’re looking forward to buy best handheld mapping GPS, be prepared to spend anywhere between $90 and $300.

Choose a Handheld GPS Unit with Clear Display and Bright Screen

Imagine relying on your handheld GPS to look for directions in the middle of nowhere, at night, only to find that you can’t see the screen clearly. Bad situation? A clear and bright display is very important because not being able to read the screen clearly or having to squint in the middle of nowhere at night is not the most ideal of situations, not to mention dangerous. If the display is not clear, the GPS loses out in the reliability department therefore it is highly recommended that this tops every criteria list to avoid any potential headaches later.


Handheld GPS devices come in varying sizes and this can be the second step in determining the perfect device for you. For people who will use it more in colder places (read: extreme) that requires for them to wear gloves, or just have larger hands, a bigger device with big buttons will be a better option to facilitate optimum comfort in handling.

Other Must-Haves

Some of the best handheld gps systems have a lot of sophisticated features for professional use. You may not need all of them. As a basic rule, the higher the resolution, the better. A quick reception, on the other hand, would serve to prevent frustration not unlike having a slow internet collection. Accurate navigation must also, needless to say, be ensured when getting one of these devices.

Your Unique Needs

Handheld GPS devices are used for many different purposes across people from all walks of life. It has even spawned geocaching, an outdoor activity that involves finding “geocaches” around the world, but we will leave that for another story. For those who want one for fishing purposes, the best handheld GPS will be one with the ability to scan for fishes for up to the depth of more than 1000 feet in fresh water to heighten chances of a catch. There is also a nifty range of GPS watches for the fitness buffs, with a built-in heart rate monitor in some (which usually cost more). You get the drift. Added features like the aforementioned are usually less important, and thus should be the last, least prioritized step in making your decision.

As for brand names, the most popular GPS company in the world according to, is Garmin so one really can’t go wrong with them but that is only a recommendation. It is up to you from now. I bid you good luck finding the perfect unit that will take you places (pun fully intended)! Check out the full list of tips in How to Buy the Best Handheld GPS.

I’ve also posted reviews on some of the best Garmin handheld GPS. Before we go there, I should let you know that Garmin is one of the leading GPS manufacturers. You’ll see that I recommend many Garmin GPS because I think they are good, not because I work for Garmin.


Here are some GPS tips you should know by now:

  • Read operation manual to know your GPS more quickly and its best functions
  • Open spaces are the key to increase the speed for satellite lock. Leave it in the open space!
  • Update maps. Even best value handheld GPS needed a map update from time to time
  • Don’t leave your GPS in the car. Prevent theft and break-ins!
  • To free memory space, clear your track logs.

If you’re planning to get the best handheld GPS for geocaching or even best handheld GPS for hunting, here are a few quick guides:

Quick Guide 1: You need to have a lightweight and durable GPS

The first thing that comes to mind when your GPS is constantly used outdoors is “how well/how long will it last?”

Quick Guide 2: Always Bring A Spare Change of Battery or Power

Being outdoors, sometimes up to days, it’s just impossible to recharge my battery.

Quick Guide 3: Learn All the Basic Functions of Your GPS

You should know the features of your GPS and how you can access those functions.

Quick Guide 4: Explore the Different Places and Geocache Ethically


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