Benefits of a Portable GPS Tracking Device

portable-gps-tracking-deviceThe advance of technology, miniaturization, more powerful GSM networks and the implementation of high sensitivity GPS has prompted the development of a new breed of portable vehicle tracking system.

The tracking devices for these systems are truly portable and will work anywhere in the world, which basically means you can now track anything, anywhere!

Portable GPS Tracking will Operate Anywhere!

The integrated high sensitivity GPS ensures that these devices will operate in places where previous GPS units did not, such as in urban canyons, in natural canyons, under heavy foliage and even indoors.

These compact devices can be easily attached to any tracking subject as they are so small and can utilize a magnetic mount. The units have a long lasting rechargeable built-in battery for their own power source and an integrated antenna system and therefore don’t need to be wired in to anything else. They are highly reliable, completely independent and portable units with no installation costs.

Because of the highly sensitive nature of the internal antenna these units permit installation in locations where a direct sky view is not actually available. This makes them particularly suitable for operation in and under vehicles.

Some can even be remotely configured from a PC using a web site interface on the Internet.

A web interface is also the normal way for viewing and monitoring the current location and status of the device and to look at historical data on when the unit (or vehicle) has moved, stopped, started and where.

Applications for a Portable GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking is easy as these devices allow you to monitor the location of vehicles and other moveable assets of all kinds.

Asset Tracking by using the units hidden in valuable goods to track them when out for delivery or transfer.

Theft Prevention by using the tracking device to monitor the position of valuable items like cars, autos, vans, trucks, boats and trailers for long periods and be informed when they start to move.

Covert Surveillance on-demand by quickly attaching units to targets which can now be tracked in difficult environments.

New Business Concepts can be designed and realized because each unit is compact and totally self-contained.

Your imagination is the only limit on what you will be able to do with a portable GPS Vehicle Tracking System.


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