6 Important Features To Consider When Buying Marine GPS

It has always been hard to navigate about the open water, and you want suitable equipment to get about safely. These days, marine GPS systems are considered to be essential by many boaters.


Six Important Features To Look For In Marine GPS Systems

So what do you need to look out for when buying marine GPS systems? This article reveals the 7 all important physical aspects of a marine GPS that you might need to look at.

The main drivers of your consideration come from:

  • The size of the screen you need.
  • The main purpose for which you will use the marine GPS system.
  • The amount of money you can afford to spend on the system.
  • The Importance of The Screen In Marine GPS Systems

One really significant aspect of your decision to pick out a specific Global Positioning System from the marine GPS systems accessible in the marketplace is the type and size of the screen that you need.

If you have a really large boat, say with two decks, and you would like to be able to see the screen from the upper deck, then your screen requirements are going to be unlike somebody who has a modest runabout that they simply intend to use in inland waterways.

If you think about the boating environment you will also see that you will frequently be studying the screen in brilliant sunshine. This means that your display needs to be of the trans reflective type. These screens may be seen easily even in harsh and blinding sunshine.

Associated to the screen size, you need to decide whether you are intending to buy a pocket-sized portable or hand-held version or a bigger, fixed model of marine GPS unit. The portable marine GPS units are more small-scale and fit in a pocket or glove compartment. Yet,they’re not the best since the size detracts from the clarity of the image. And if you are trying to differentiate a fish from a rock than the clearness of the image is pretty important.

Other Important Features In Marine GPS Systems

One characteristic that is not advanced, but perhaps as useful is that of big buttons. These buttons would be handily prominent and conveniently placed so they are easy to use even for a user wearing heavy mitts. If you are boating in cold weather conditions, gloves are indispensable – but so is your GPS!

Water splattering and rainwater are potentially damaging for marine GPS systems, so waterproofing or water resistance is an important feature to have in a marine GPS. A waterproof case could help further protect your GPS from damage. It’s crucial to note that weather resistant systems are generally not fully watertight. Even so, waterproofed GPS units are so well fabricated that they could, in reality, be put into the briney and still continue to work!

Note that just because a device is watertight doesn’t imply that the unit will float. If your Global Positioning System is knocked out of a boat, you could be in trouble. However, you are able to get hold floating casings for some GPS units that will help you to avoid losing your device.

Long battery life is also an important feature so that you do not get lost in the middle of the ocean if your electrics fail or your battery runs flat.

So there you have it, the main features that are required a useful marine GPS system. My recommendation is to buy the best system you can afford from the marine GPS systems available in the market today because you should not compromise on quality when it comes to your personal safety on the water.

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